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2X8 Stock Ribbons

Place Ribbons


2"x8" length only with color and finishes as shown Also available pinked tops
Finished with card eyelet and string will be sent if no finish is listed on order

1st Place-Blue ~ 2nd Place-Red ~ 3rd Place-White ~ 4th Place-Pink ~ 5th Place-Yellow
6th Place-Emerald Green ~ 7th Place-Light Green ~ 8th Place-Tan ~ 9th Place-Brown
10th Place-Grey ~ Honorable Mention-Green ~ Special Award-Purple ~ Participant-Green

Sports Ribbons


2"x8" - with Places and Classes 1st through 6th Place and Participant
Flat Top will be sent unless otherwise indicated

1st Place-Blue ~ 2nd Place-Red ~ 3rd Place-White ~ 4th Place-Yellow ~ 5th Place-Green ~ 6th Place-Purple
7th Place-Orange ~ 8th Place-Brown ~ Participant-Green
Heat Winner-Navy (Swim Only) ~ Personal Best-Teal (Swim Only)

STOCK EVENTS (Not Pictured)
Baseball ~ Basketball ~ Football ~ Soccer ~ Softball ~ Volleyball

Award Ribbons


2"x8" Our stock award ribbons are excellent for recognizing student achievement.
Flat Top will be sent unless otherwise indicated.

Science and Spelling Ribbons
1st - 6th Place and Participant

Identification Ribbons


2"x8" - Pinked top and bottom Printed in gold foil Sewn top with
pin attached will be sent if finish not listed on order

Board Member - Blue
Commettee - Blue
Chairman - Yellow
Cealer - Red
Delegate - Lt Blue
Director - Lt Brown
Exhibitor - Grey
Faculity - Old gold
Finalist - Yellow
Guest - White
Host - Green
Hostess - White
Judge - Red
Member - Purple
Officer - Green
Official - Blue
Past President - Lt Blue
President - blue
Presenter - Green
Secretary - Peach
Speaker - White
Sponsor - Red
Staff - Red
Treasurer - Purple
Usher - Green
Vice President - White
VIP - Blue
Visitor - White
Volunteer - Red
Welcome - Rubine

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